The ALA has a big list of books that have been banned or challenged in countries around the world, but especially the US.  You’ll notice the most common countries to ban books besides the United States were fascist Italy, Nazi Germany, Ireland, and Middle Eastern countries (concerning Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses).  It’s pretty obvious that most parents and the others who complained skimmed snippets of the book with a pretty selective memory (the best example is how Of Mice and Men got banned by both parents concerned with racial slurs and the KKK.  Yes, the Klan banned a book banned for racial slurs).

‘Challenged as a summer youth program reading assignment in Chattanooga, TN (1989) because “Steinbeck is known to have had an anti business attitude.” In addition, “he was very questionable as to his patriotism.” ‘ I have a hard time believing this isn’t a fictional world already.

“He seems to be implying that businesses are weak and unstable!”

“Well, it is the Great Dep–“